I am an author who wants to leave society and live autonomously in the woods for an extended period of time without disturbance from idiots while I write my book. Literature is the only thing in my depressingly petty existence in which I can derive any meaning, and instead of spending my few days on this strange little planet writing stories as I would like to I have been spending them in a cubicle accomplishing nothing of any importance whatsoever and wishing I had never been born. Inspired by Thoreau, one of my favorite authors, I now plan to simply leave the stupid little town I live in and the stupid little life I live within it and move to the wilderness. I have minimal experience living in the wild and want the advice of those who do before I embark on such an adventure. It is my hope to become completely self sufficient within the wilderness and to provide food for myself and a dog which I plan on buying before I go. I don’t plan on buying any food or provisions other than those which I bring with me initially.

Here is a rough outline of what I currently plan on bringing:
-A compound bow
-A saw
-A sleeping bag
-A water filtration system
-Some sort of trap for animals
-A wire fish net
-A fishing pole, twine, and a hook
-A hammer and nails (I plan on constructing a cabin or treehouse)
-Various seeds (species will be based on the climate of whatever area I decide to live in)

Here are the concerns I have:
Location-I need to find an area of complete uninhabited wilderness, somewhere completely secluded where I will never be bothered by hikers, other nomads, or park rangers. I don’t want anything man made anywhere near me, that means mines, lumber camps, fire lookouts, private cabins, anything at all. I know locations like this are disapearing in this country but I am certain there are at least a few left. It should be situated somewhere with plenty of game to hunt, fertile soil, and a mild winter. I plan on building a raft and making camp on a small island if i can find one which is suitable for an extra layer of protection against scavengers like bears who could eat my dead game and also against unwelcome visitors . Also it would be wonderful if the location had natural beauty. In case of some sort of emergency, I would like to be able to get back to civilization of foot if I needed to, so it should be around 8 hours away from the nearest small town. It seems like Wyoming Colarodo, Montana, Oregon or Washington state are the areas most likely to meet these requirements but I would welcome suggestions for any wilderness in the continental united states.

survival- I don’t have very much experience with surviving in the wilderness seeing as I’m an author, so I would welcome any suggestions for how I could provide myself sustenance while in the woods.

Writing format- This is the one problem I can’t seem to solve. I really hate doing my writing by hand, and if I suspended my dislike of handwriting and did so It would mean I would have to return to society and transcribe it to an electronic format  before sending it to my publisher, which is an incredibly onerous process. Also I worry I could only bring so many pens and empty journals and once they were all out of ink and filled I’d be forced to return to society, which I have no desire to do until my book is finished. Obviously I can’t write on my laptop as I do now without access to electricity, which I wont have in the remote location I’m looking for. I was wondering if it might be possible to install some sort of Solar panel that could generate enough power to run my computer, although it would have to be small portable and inexpensive. This also would allow me to have a portable reader like a kindle that would save me from lugging 100s of books into the middle of the wilderness. Does anyone know of any other ways I could generate small amount of electricity inexpensively in the wilderness?

Any advice is appreciated


I think Wilderness means something different to just about everyone.  Unfortunately the general populace has little understanding of what the outdoors is all about besides what they get from media experience rather than hands on.   There are real environmental dangers and concerns about wildlife, but, the misinformation out there sends people in mostly wrong directions.